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From Streby's History of Sullivan County-

"Philip J. Tubach of Colley was born at Dushore in 1859. His father Philip Tubach Sr...came to LaPorte from Baden, Germany, about 47 years ago. About 45 years ago, he [Philip J.] came to Dushore where for many years he was engaged in [the]furniture and undertaking business. Mr. Tubach owns a farm in Colley, one in Cherry, and valuable real estate in Dushore borough. For a time he was identified with his father in the undertaking business at Dushore.

In 1884 he married Adaline Saxe who was born in Wilmot township in 1865. Her father is Samuel R. Saxe of Cherry, who was born in Philadelphia in 1838 and came to Wilmot township when a child with his father Samuel Saxe Sr., a native of Germany. Her mother was Caroline Obert, who was born in Germany in 1846, a daughter of Mathias Obert who settled in Colley.

To Mr. and Mrs. Tubach have been born William E., Arthur L., Blanche B. who died in 1894, Caroline, Samuel Walter, Charles Leon who died May 11, 1903 and Mary Regenia."

Arthur Leo Tubach was born in Colley in 1889. He became a licensed Pennsylvania funeral director in 1912. He married the former Marcella Brogan. They were the parents of a son, Cyril Tubach, and a daughter, Regina Ella Tubach. After Cyril's death during WWII, Regina graduated from Eckle's College of Mortuary Science in Philadelphia and was licensed as a funeral director in 1945. She continued to operate both the funeral home and Tubach Furniture Store in Dushore with her parents.

In 1979, ownership of the funeral home passed to her son, Patrick Dean Homer, who had graduated from King's College in 1970 and the American Academy of McAlister Institute of Mortuary Science in 1971. He was licensed in 1972. Regina continued to work at every funeral until her death in October 2002.

Dean married Kay Welles of Wyalusing on June 20, 1976, and following the opening of the second funeral home, Kay graduated from Simmons School of Mortuary Science in Syracuse in 1987 and was licensed in 1988. They are the parents of four children: J. Jeffrey (licensed in 2003), Nicholas C., J. Bradford, and Amelia Regina Homer.

Jeff graduated from St. Anselm's College in Manchester, NH and the San Francisco School of Mortuary Science in 2001 and has been working at the funeral home since 2002.